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All Benefits with No Compromise

  • Versatile & Stylish Versatile & Stylish
  • Easy to Clean Easy to Clean
  • Freezer Safe Freezer Safe
  • Organic Dinnerware Organic Dinnerware
  • Environment Friendly Environment Friendly
  • Multi - Purpose Multi - Purpose

Product Description

    • Wheat Straw Bowls Set: Stylish set of microwavable wheat straw bowls, perfect for everyday use and versatile dining occasions.
    • Versatile & Stylish: Reusable bowls suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and entertaining, appealing to both adults and children.
    • Durable & Drop-Proof: Nearly unbreakable, shatterproof bowls ideal for various dishes, worry-free outdoor dining, and kitchens with tile floors.
    • Environmentally Friendly: Dishwasher-safe, nature-based alternative to heavy stoneware, promoting eco-friendly choices and supporting reforestation.
    • Multi-Purpose Usage: Use for cereal, soup, salad, and more, with a design that's microwave-safe and suitable for various occasions.
    • Charitable Contribution & Warranty: Each purchase contributes to global reforestation, and all Greendish products come with a Lifetime Warranty.

        Our Happy Customers

        "This is the greatest set of dishware if you're looking for this type. What a bargain! I'm so pleased overall with the quality, colors, and sizes!"

        John Spardella

        "I’m elderly, have had arm injuries and weakness, and I’m using these very lightweight dishes and bowls for everyday."


        "This is exactly what I was looking for, it’s a great product. It looks good, it feels good and it’s easy to maintain. So glad I ordered these."

        Eliezer Labkowsky

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 123 reviews
        Melissa Toungette
        Great replacement for plastic

        I bought these as a replacement for my plastic bowls and dishes. I’m very happy with them. The curve on the plates doesn’t allow them to be easily stacked in the dishwasher but that is my only complaint. We’ve used them for a couple of weeks and multiple washes in the dishwasher and they’ve held up great.

        Tyler G.
        Great bowls that won't break

        I've had these for awhile now and have used them with many different liquids and sauces and microwave use. As long as you follow the instructions to not leave in the microwave for more than 3 minutes (if I remember correctly) they seem fine. They had a woody smell to them for the first 2 washes but that quickly went away and it didn't even smell bad or strongly to me. Just something I noticed. They have not stained yet when using red sauce or soy sauce yet. Very light scratches on the bowl from spoons but no large indentation which I don't mind. I have dropped them a few times and they haven't broken yet. They are actually a little flexible and very light weight. Only thing that can get annoying sometimes is when they are stacked, they almost suction together so I have to wiggle one free but it takes an like an extra 2 seconds to deal with that. All in all a great buy, they look fine, very simple, and while I don't have kids, I would think it's a nice alternative to either broken ceramic/glass or other cheap plastics.

        Ms. RelleB

        A set of four bowls that are microwavable and dishwasher safe!!! Durable as well!!


        So light and love that it is eco friendly

        Phreakwar PC Custom Builds
        Pretty decent

        Nice size bowls that work great in the microwave. Holds a decent amount of soup/cereal/etc.. Little more than 2 cups.