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All Benefits with No Compromise

  • Versatile & Stylish Versatile & Stylish
  • Easy to Clean Easy to Clean
  • Freezer Safe Freezer Safe
  • Organic Dinnerware Organic Dinnerware
  • Environment Friendly Environment Friendly
  • Multi - Purpose Multi - Purpose

    Product Description

    • Elegant Wheat Straw Cups Set: Stylish and modern set of wheat straw cups suitable for kitchen display or entertaining guests, featuring a comfortable smooth-matte texture.
    • Family-Friendly & Reusable: Sturdy yet lightweight, these wheat straw/plastic cups are safe for toddlers, offering a non-slip design and prolonged cold drink insulation without condensation.
    • Shatterproof & Stackable: Nearly unbreakable, splinter-free cups with an anti-drop design, perfect for families and outdoor use, especially in kitchens with tile floors.
    • Environmentally Conscious Design: Dishwasher-safe and nature-based alternative to breakable glasses, promoting eco-friendly choices and reducing plastic consumption.
    • Charitable Contribution & Warranty: Greendish partners with One Tree Planted for global reforestation, planting a tree with every purchase. All Greendish products come with a Lifetime Warranty.

      Our Happy Customers

      "This is the greatest set of dishware if you're looking for this type. What a bargain! I'm so pleased overall with the quality, colors, and sizes!"

      John Spardella

      "I’m elderly, have had arm injuries and weakness, and I’m using these very lightweight dishes and bowls for everyday."


      "This is exactly what I was looking for, it’s a great product. It looks good, it feels good and it’s easy to maintain. So glad I ordered these."

      Eliezer Labkowsky

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 110 reviews
      Overpriced, overhyped junk: caveat emptor!

      I needed safe, sturdy, eco-friendly plastic glasses that would hold a full 12 ounces of water, so I ordered these. They turned out to be the usual cheaply made pieces of junk I was trying to avoid and could in no way hold twelve ounces. Since it's too much trouble for a handicapped person like me who can no longer drive to return them via the UPS store, I'm stuck with them and out almost 19 bucks. Buyer beware, and don't believe the purple prose description on their Amazon listing.

      Perfect lightweight Cups

      I got these cups to use in our camper and they are perfect. They are made of a thick material so they are very durable but still lightweight. They are very easy to clean due to the smooth material and the black is a nice neutral color option. They also stack perfectly.

      Perfect Little Juice Cup

      These are really tiny cups. They're perfect for portioning how much you're drinking. They made from really thick plastic and are really solid. I've washed them in the dishwasher countless times and they haven't melted, peeled, warped, or anything. They have a great matte finish that makes them really easy to hold. Plus they look really cute. I would definitely recommend.

      Average Townies
      We ordered more. Really a good size cup for families.

      As I sit here barefoot in the sand, sipping my ice-cold lemonade from my new GREENDISH wheat straw cup, I'm struck by how perfect these cups are for beach days. The natural tan color blends right in with the shoreline. And the textured, eco-friendly wheat straw material keeps my drink cool, while still feeling smooth in my hand.These cups are wonderfully lightweight and durable. I don't have to worry about breaking glass or dropping a heavy plastic cup. I can toss my GREENDISH cup into my beach tote without a second thought. The 12 oz size is ideal for all kinds of beach beverages.Sipping my lemonade, I gaze out at the waves glinting in the sunlight. The sea breeze gently rustles the palms overhead. And I realize this GREENDISH cup enhances the whole beach experience. The natural, earthy material connects me to the elements in a way that plastic and styrofoam just can't.As my kids build sandcastles nearby, I appreciate that these cups are BPA-free and safe for the whole family to use. And when our beach day comes to an end, I can just toss the cups in the dishwasher to clean them for another sun-kissed adventure.Whether you're playing volleyball, reading under an umbrella, or going for a seaside stroll, GREENDISH wheat straw cups make the perfect beach companion. Their casual vibe and eco-friendly design get a big thumbs up from this beach lover.

      Wilma Van Schelven
      Love that it helps the environment

      Loved that these cups are made of straw and not a petroleum based plastic. They feel like a regular thickish plastic and have a nice hand feel.